Rail Projects

  • Smoother Rails – Safer RideTrain at Jack London
  • Better Accessibility
  • More Trains
  • Better Connections

Casprail is advocating and lobbying for the transformation of  the west coast North-South rail system from the crumbling and inadequate passenger train  infrastructure of today (on rough freight railbeds) to a smooth,  convenient, reliable and viable alternative to car and air transport.

  1. Smoother rails: Passenger trains currently run on freight tracks    which may be fine for transporting freight, but are often very bumpy and rough   for passenger train usage. Walking is often difficult and a fall-risk for   seniors within and between   train cars (especially on the second level where the track roughness is   magnified). We are lobbying for investment to make these routes more   passenger-train and senior/handicapped friendly – this should be made an ADA   (Americans with Disabilities) and AARP priority.
  2. Better Accessibility: Current train bedrooms offer   only one adult bed on the floor level. One adult must always climb into a   bunk. This is very difficult for seniors and handicapped riders – those most   likely to be non-driving travelers.   Handicapped/Family bedroom redesign should be an ADA priority for our   Passenger rail system.
  3. More  trains: One train per day means many stops are at very inconvenient times – in  the early morning or middle of the night
  4. Better Connections: The ‘last mile’ transportation options  need improvement; Many train stations are not near the final passenger  destination.  Better rental car, taxi and bus connections are necessary.

Seniors on Train