Passenger Rail in Other Countries

Advanced Countries have advanced passenger rail – we can have it here too!

Other advanced countries such as Europe, Japan and China have invested in their passenger  rail systems. This has given them a modern, efficient rail system with:

  • Fast, comfortable on-time train service300px-JRC_N700_series_Z28
  • Convenient departure and arrival schedules
  • A hub and spoke grid system serving a wide area.
  • Efficient, clean trains
  • Smooth rails
  • No competition for the tracks with freight trains
  • We believe we have spent enough money in Iraq to build a complete high-speed  rail system serving the entire country!
  • We believe we have spent enough in Afghanistan to build a complete west-coast  high-speed rail system!
  • These would have created thousands of jobs and given us something for our  money – lasting the next 80 to 100 years!