Cascade Passenger Rail Association
The Cascade Passenger Rail Association exists to:

*Make passenger rail a better travel alternative on the West coast - smoother rails, better accessibility, more trains, better end-point connection options;

*Advocate and lobby for passenger rail infrastructure improvements nation-wide;

*Review rail-friendly travel products

At we are committed to obtaining more efficient, comfortable and convenient west coast rail travel as an alternative to automobile and air transportation.  Trains can be much more efficient than cars and planes, and are "a civilized way to travel."  On a train you can enjoy the scenery, socialize, read, work, have a nice meal or snack, and relax in safety and comfort.  The United States has vastly under-invested in passenger trains and is far behind other advanced countries in providing its' citizenry with a mode of travel that is over 100 years old and will be just as relevant 100 years in the future! Please read about Casprail's advocacy programs and what you can do to help on this website.  Contact us at